Saturday, 24 May 2008

gin and curiosities poster and press relase

Gin & Curiosities

Robert Rubbish of Le Gun Magazine and The Rubbishmen of Soho presents his latest solo exhibition of drawings, paintings, prints and artefacts called ‘ Gin & Curiosities.’

Robert has produced a new body of work that brings together his interests in curiosities, joke shops, facial hair, Victorian Punk revivalism and Gin. On the subject of Gin, the exhibition launching on Friday 4th July with a night of fun, frolics and pink gin, will be endorsed by Dr Hillbutts Gin.

Robert Rubbish is keen to celebrate old-fashioned eccentric ways and places. Historic London is a very inspirational place for his work. His latest obsessions are glitter and 70’s cosmic rock band Hawkwind. Particularly the long deleted (and only available on import) ‘Quark, Strangeness and Charm’ album.

Along with the sparkle and space rock, inspiration for the mish-mash of paintings, drawings, posters and typography of ‘Gin & Curiosities’ came to Robert during a six-month stint manning a modern day curiosity shop in Hackney in conjunction with Le Gun magazine (Mr Rubbish is also co-editor of said internationally renowned illustrated periodical). To pass the time whilst acting as shopkeeper in ‘L H Brown’s Shoe Shop of Curiosities’, Robert spent many an afternoon soaking his brain in gin and bitter lemon, thinking about future days in his dream holiday destination Belgium, eating oeuf et frites and discussing the artwork of James Ensor with a couple of Smurfs.

‘Gin & Curiosities’ on display from Friday 4th July is kindly supported by

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

sponsorship for my new exhibtioion

hello dears
just a little update to tell you that the good eggs at
have sponsored me some of there wonderfull products that iam going to
use for a little exbo at the nottinghill arts club on the 4th of july.
please watch this space for more info
till the next time
kiss kiss
best wishes robert

Saturday, 3 May 2008

brois johnston is now the mayor god help us

TIS a sad day for the fair city of london we now have a C---- running the show
god help us
kiss kiss

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