Monday, 21 February 2011


Hello all
we are working on the
new issue of LE GUN 5
at the moment and are
going to be doing a show
with bare bones on the 1st april
at the red gallery shoreditch
watch this space for more info

Thursday, 17 February 2011


hello all
this image was sent to
me by paul v lawford of
soho and east sussex
thanks its great
kiss kiss

Sunday, 13 February 2011


Hello one and all
i have a new Screen print
for sale its from an edition
of 50 and is £55 including
postage and packing its
black on white paper and is
A2 in size if you would like
to buy one email
best wishes
robert xx

the big society whats it all about dave ????

Hello hope all is well
out here in cyberspace
tomorrow David Cameron
will bang on about his big Society
still no one knows what it is about
so dave we tell us more about it this
week and then we can all live as one
happy society
bye for now
kiss kiss

Thursday, 10 February 2011

The Paper House Project, 2011 in jersey this weekend

hello all
hope all is well
i have some work in a
art show in jersey if any
one who reads this lives in
jersey pop on down all
details below
bye for now

The Paper House Project, 2011
Group Exhibition
St Brelades College, Jersey
Saturday 12th February (5.30pm – 9pm) – Sunday 13th February (10.30am – 5.30pm)
For just one weekend St Brelades College will be hosting an artistic extravaganza guaranteed to inspire with Paintings, Sculptures, Photography, Glass, Installations, Performance Art and numerous surprises that challenge tradition and showcase the unexpected.
The exhibition will feature works by over thirty talented local artists.
Live music and refreshments can be enjoyed in the quirky ‘pop up’ Victorian Tearoom where you can meet the Artists. The Project has been put together by two local Artists, Joanna Brown and Louise Evans.

Don’t miss the kick start event preview on Saturday 12th Feb, 5.30pm – 9pm.
St. Brelades College, Le Mont les Vaux, St Brelades, JE3 8AF.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

S CLAY WILSON IS UNWELL you can help him

S clay wilson is one of the best
60s underground comix artists
he is ill from a fall he had in 2008
as he lives in the land of the free
he has to pay for all his medical care
so there has been a trust set up to
help him for more info see below
and if you can help go on the website
his artwork rocks he was very punk before
punk and some of it is still shocking
even today
bye for now
kiss kiss

S Clay Wilson was trying to get home from a friend’s house November 1, 2008, the night his life changed. We will never be certain if he fell or was attacked, since he has no memory of it. The numerous injuries on his face and head made him look like he was beat up. Two good samaritans found him unconscious between parked cars, face down in the rain, and called an ambulance. (I have tried to find them in order to express my gratitude for saving his life, but have had no success.) He’d suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury, bleeding in three hemispheres of his brain. He spent three weeks in a coma, and we had no idea how severely impaired he was for many months. Once he began to speak again we realized he hadn’t just “awakened” to resume life as it had been before.

We’d been flirting since we met in 1968. I have been living with him now for ten years, visited him every day for the year he was in the hospital, and brought him home to take care of November 10, 2009. This is a daunting task, but one I am devoted to.

The days he spends drawing are his happiest, but I don’t nag when he chooses not to work. He has done about 15 drawings since last summer, and still has incredible talent. He loves movies, so we haunt the libraries, renting up to 20 at a time. We usually begin viewing them in the late afternoon. We exercise every day, take walks, and friends sometimes take him to lunch, museums, or art shows.

He is very quiet now after being a motor mouth all his life. But he is not a blank slate. His short term memory is shot, and with aphasia, often has trouble expressing himself. (I frequently “put words in his mouth” to help him but he’s usually able to tell me if I got it wrong.)
I have put together a Special Needs Trust for him since he is no longer capable of earning a living. He will need 24 hour care from now on since the little details of daily life are a mystery to him now, and he is easily confused. This gifted artist worked as hard as he partied and was a playful, brilliant person. Although he is still capable of worrying about the future, he does not fully understand what has happened to alter it. He is now in need of help. This is a tragic turn of events for a proud man.
The Trust is set up so it can only be spent on him. We pool our meager resources for basic expenses. I hope people will find a way to donate what they can to give him a better quality of life and assist in his ongoing care.
The address of the Trust is
Or mail to PO Box 14854 San Francisco CA 94114
Thank you!
Lorraine Chamberlain

Sunday, 6 February 2011

DRINK MORE GIN RIPP OFFS 2011_ss/index.html
Hello one and all
here you can see how
print is being ripped off
by some peoples out there
its not nice to be ripped off
i known what came first
and it was my print
so a big no thanks to
stephen kelly at
and who ever the tshirt one is by
heres a link to there site 2011_ss/index.html
bye for now
kiss kiss

Friday, 4 February 2011

Watched mark Lawson talks to Gilbert and George last night

Hello one and all
last night i watched
mark lawson talk
to Gilbert and George
on bbc 4 it was very good
i love G and G i think they
are very funny they gave him
a run for his money in there own
odd or wired way my heart did sink
when the subject of poltricks did come
up and they started talking about how
they where conservatives i stated to be
sick in my mouth but they soon made
me laugh again check the show out theres
a link below
kiss kiss

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Dia De Los Muertos'... 'Day Of The Dead' @Filthy MacNasties

Bonanza Presents:
Hello out there
heres a flyer for a
great night thats on this
saturday and the first saturday
of every month this week is
the johny cash special
please read below for more
bye for now
kiss kiss
'Dia De Los Muertos'... 'Day Of The Dead'


Saturday 5th February 2011

'Johnny Cash Special'


Christopher Rees

+ The Rejection

Each month Bonanza & Filthy MacNastys pay homage to the icons, innovators, outlaws, renegades and mavericks who in the name of their art went further than the rest and paid the 'ultimate' price...

As we say around these parts:

'If you ain’t DEAD
then YOU just ain’t LIVED'

On Sat 5th February 2011 we will pay tribute to the Man in Black himself
Johnny Cash (26th Feb 1932 - 12th September 2003)

We'll be celebrating Johnny's life and work from his early days on a cotton farm in Arkansas to St. Quentin & Folsom Prison, we'll look at his work with his beloved wife June Carter as well as his daughters right up to his last great works with inimitable producer Rick Rubin.

with bands and djs (See below)
playing his music plus those he influenced & who influenced him.

Saturday 5th March sees us pay tribute to the late great
Syd Barrett (6 January 1946 - 7th July 2006)

Live acts:
Sterling Roswell (Spacemen 3/ Darkside)
+ acts tbc

We will celebrate his life & music...Playing live will be Ex 'Spacemen 3' member Sterling Roswell plus acts & DJs tbc.

Past Day Of The Dead heroes have included:

Hank Williams (17th September 1923 - 1st January 1953)
Jim Morrison (8th December 1943 - 3rd July 1971)
Joe Strummer (21st August 1952 - 22nd December 2002)

Bonanza Presents:

'Dia De Los Muertos'... 'Day Of The Dead'

Saturday 5th February 2011

'Johnny Cash Special'


Christopher Rees:
Bonanza is very proud to present Christopher Rees who has been making and shaking of late following acclaimed support slots with Steve Earle, Chuck Prophet, The Sadies and The Handsome Family as well as performances at South by South West 2010 in Texas.

Chris has promised a healthy offering of Johnny Cash cover versions tonight as well as highlights from his own critically acclaimed album 'Devil's Bridge'. He will also showcase brand new tracks from his, as yet, unreleased follow up 'Heart On Fire'.

The Welsh Music Awards Best Male Solo Artist will perform his grim, portentous narratives and shadowy secrets; his previous album was not called 'Cautionary Tales' for nothing!...

Rees is also the first and only act in over a decade to support former Velvet Underground legend John Cale as well as having performed a number of national radio live sessions for the likes of Janice Long on Radio 2, Radio 1s Evening Session as well as live sessions on London's best radio station Resonance104.4FM.

Following his appearance at SXSX plus an extensive 'field trip' in the deep South of America, Rees has taken the original themes, mood and music of his previous album and produced a work of both authentic charm and stunning originality that is truly breathtaking in such a short space of time.

Expect Post-Country, banjo-picked parables with an eeriness and gravitas that makes 'Deliverance' look like 'Babes in The Wood'. 'Don't have nightmares now!'

Seriously amazing stuff': NME

'From that first track I was hooked; his delivery, there's a depth, a roughness that goes with that melodic suss... In the next few years I think he'll develop even more and when you bear in mind where he's at now, that's pretty scary': Phil Alexander (Editor in Chief - MOJO)

+ The Rejection:
This newish project from Jeremy Mendonca of Norton Money are fast proving themselves to be a sterling, class, live act.

Come gather round people wherever you roam and experience the truly exquisite and authentic harmonies from a truly international trio ranging from a San Franciscan, Bay Area 'cat', Swedish Banjo-plucker and a sweet-voiced, English maiden on bass.

These guys are delighting audiences all over Londinium with their laid back, psychedelic take on Country and Americana, Also expect the addition of more Country-Rock 'N' Roll-like interludes, heart-lifting, cosmic-barnstorming and introspective folk elements to their live performance.

The last time these guys took to the Bonanza stage they rocked a packed house with their upbeat, West-Coast harmonies and tripped-out bitter-sweet Post-Country lyrics... Expect them to raise the roof tonight with barn-storming renditions of some Johnny Cash classics as well as their own inimitable compositions.

+ Bonanza DJs (ResonanceFM)

Saturday 5th February 2011

@Filthy MacNasties

68 Amwell Street,

Free Entry

For all future events please go to:

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Last night i meet a space man

Hello children of cyber space
last nite i did wonder to the
place of dreams that being camden town
i did go to a great night at the lock tavern
put on by Bonanza
very much looking forwards to the next one
on the 15th feb the last night with live bands
i missed the set by sterling roswell but was
good to see him and catch up he also gave me
a copy of his new 45 and its very good
read the review its got stars
check out some of roscos music
bye for now

Bonanza Presents:
'Kosmic Juke-Joint'...

'Psychedelectronica from outer (and inner) Space!'

@ The Lock Tavern

Tuesday 1st February 2011

Live Acts:

Nu2tral & Stamina Li

+ A Secret Psychedelic guest act?

Imagine a Juke-Joint deep in space and you'll be not quite so close to the premise of Bonanza's night The Kosmic Juke-Joint...

So expect all manner of bands, Djs, artists, curators, dancers, writers, poets and performers tracing the roots and subsequent influence of the Blues into Psychedelia and the history of the droning, analogue synth, right through to glitchy, computer-based electronica and sampleadelia... and a lot more from ten decades of astounding sounds!

If pre-war, down-home, Mississippi Blues next to great slabs of monolithic Krautrock or underground rock-tronica doesn't seem wrong to you plus the latest, cutting-edge acts live on stage then you'll love it...

Live Acts:

Nu2tral & Stamina Li:
Universal Dub Reggae and mashed-up cosmic hip-hop with a new message of hope, peace and respect resonating from the streets of Hackney.
Both are Poets,Toasters and story-tellers who create a fresh and diverse blend of Reggae ranging from space-out dub to upbeat Ragga.

Imagine the Wu Tang Klan being laid down by The Mad Professor and King Tubby with the cosmic inspiration of Lee Scratch Perry... also reminiscient in places of Nick Manasseh & Scruff's ground-breaking Sound Iration album...

+ Secret Psychedelic guest act?...
'A Spaceman!'

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