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Le Gun and The Black Squid, La Catastrophe Exhibition 4 November 2011

Le Gun and The Black Squid, La Catastrophe

Hello the internet
LE GUN are doing a show in paris it starts
next friday and is on till 23 rd december
if in paris please come by. below is
lots of words to explain whats the shows
bye for now


Passage de lʼAtlas – 5, Villa Marcel Lods 75019

Le Gun and The Black Squid, La Catastrophe
Exhibition 4 November 2011 – 23 December 2011

Tuesday to Saturday, 11am–7pm and by appointment
Opening Friday 4 November, 6–9pm

Le Gun and The Black Squid, La Catastrophe

Galerie Suzanne Tarasieve has the pleasure to announce the exhibition of LE GUN.
Le Gun are the artists Neal Fox, Robert Rubbish, Stephanie Von Reiswitz, Chris Bianchi.LE GUN was founded in 2003 by a group of MA graduates from the Communication Art and
Design course at the Royal College of Art, London. Also, LE GUN is an independent narrative
illustration publication and provides a common ground for both emerging and established artists,
illustrators, writers and poets.

The Black Squid (Le Calmar Noir) were a group of surrealist artists based in Paris who broke off from
the core group of the surrealists in 1924 in disagreement with André Breton's manifesto and their
continued use of colour. François Lardon, Thomas Le Turk, Olga Tiktokova, Diego Mangina, and
Éduard Lezard were talented artists but little known outside their small bohemian circle and have since
faded into the margins of art history.

The group believed that dreams were always in black and white, and that the exclusive use of black
and white in art would make the everyday into a dreamscape. They claimed they had simultaneously
dreamed of a giant black squid who imparted their manifesto. Apart from exploring the squid as a
dream symbol for latent sexual desires, they revered black ink as a liquid of creation.

Not long after the split, on September 25th 1925, the five artists held a black and white banquet, the
exact motivations behind which remain unclear. They consumed a sumptuous meal and varied drinks,
and strange sounds were reported to have emanated from the room. All five artists left the banquet
intact and went their separate ways, but catastrophically all five found their demise in various ways the
very same night.

The debris of the mysterious final dinner was documented in minute detail. No poison was found, or
evidence of a suicide pact, and hypothesizing about what actually happened that night was for a while
a popular pastime in fashionable salons. Soon however the whole event faded into oblivion.

The original document detailing the exact layout of the room & the objects within it still exists.

As a group of artists working in black and white, LE GUN feel a strong connection to the Black Squid
group and were particularly intrigued by this age old mystery. As well as reproducing large scale
portraits of the Black Squid's elusive members, based on the group's original 'exquisite corpse'
drawings, LE GUN has attempted to recreate the final supper before the catastrophe, which will be
shown alongside the Black Squid's last known surviving painting.

Besides having collective exhibitions, performances and the self-titled Magazine, Le Gun have
produced large-scale communally executed drawings in London, opened a curiosity shop, cooperated
with Paul Smith for a clothing line, produced a music clip for Pete Doherty's Babyshambles and
recently did an impromptu window display/exhibition, talk,etc at Arrtco Collection in Beijing, China.t

Wednesday, 26 October 2011


News has reached me that some old chums
of mine from my days on the small rock of jersey
have put back on there masks and are playing out live
this saturday in downtown st.helier omg them catz
are crazy they also have a new member son of cervantes
god help us i knew his dad he was one mad mexican
if you want to hear some of there songs click here
good luck boyz good luck
.... ding ding, seconds out with The Channel Island's mightiest Mexican musos.. Five years ago, professional wresters Senor Destructo, El Tigre and Cervantes ditched their old wrestling lives in Mexico to follow their dreams of being Cabaret stars. Jersey in the channel islands where the scene has a legendary status was where they would set the stage to fulfill there dreams.That was it,the meatballs did nothing But what they do best (appart from cabaret) they wrestled!! untill they saved up enough victory money to get three one way tickets to land of cabaret...Unfortunately when they arrived to there dispear the Jersey scene had died as tourism had plummeted...So what now!?? well they set about there dream REGARDLESS and decided to give the jersey cabaret scene a Boston Crab!!! There sweet blend of electro pop/ cabaret/ rock meets las vagas grind has been considered the "New Music"...there album "Dont call us fagots were meatballs" is already 4 years old..they have been perfecting this sound ever

an extraordinary new show at the Rochelle School, London

hello le gun have made a drawing for
this exbo to help the birds its called
Ghosts of Gone Birds theres loads of
good artists in the show and its going
to help the birds cant wait to
see this wonderful show
bye for now

Harriet Mead - Ghost of an Emu, ghost of a mower.

Following the launch of an extraordinary new multi-media art exhibition - Ghosts of Gone Birds – at the Liverpool School of Art & Design earlier this year, the show has grown and evolved during the summer and will now ‘manifest’ in London’s East End this November.

The ground-breaking exhibition, which highlights the growing extinction crisis and promotes The BirdLife Preventing Extinctions Programme, will be held in Shoreditch, at the Rochelle School, London E2. Doors open to the public on November 2nd and the event will run until November 23rd.

More than eighty leading artists, sculptors, musicians, writers and poets are contributing. Each artist has chosen a different extinct species and is producing a new piece of art that has been inspired by the bird and which celebrates its former life on earth. Original art featured in the show (as well as many limited editions) will be for sale, with a contribution from each transaction made to BirdLife. Individual artworks range in price from £200 to around £50,000.

Award-winning sculptor Harriet Mead’s stunning recreation of the extinct King Island Emu above, which she crafted from recycled agricultural implements, is just one great example of the two hundred or so fabulous artworks that will be on display in London.

Ralph Steadman - Dodo
Many of the contributing artists are still producing their pieces but among other selections already made are Jamie Hewlett – Hawaiian Crow; Rob Ryan – Stephen’s Island Wren; Ralph Steadman – Pallas’s Cormorant, Dodo and Liverpool Pigeon; and Greg Poole – Jamaican Red Macaw.

The natural rate of bird extinction is just one bird each century but in the last thirty years alone, 21 species have disappeared. At present, 189 are classified Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List and, without immediate action, many of these will not be here in ten years’ time. One clear example is the albatross family, which is fast becoming the most threatened family of birds in the world. Dying at a rate of around one every five minutes albatrosses are disappearing faster than they can actually breed – so 18 out of the 22 species of albatross are now facing global extinction.

Ghosts of Gone Birds has been created and is being staged by filmmaker Ceri Levy, best known for his documentary film Bananaz about the rock band Gorillaz and Chris Aldhous, award-winning director of London creative consultancy GOODPILOT. “We’re aiming to raise a creative army for conservation and it’s fair to say that we have been floored by the response of the artists we’ve asked to create new work for us.” said Ceri Levy. ” To have the likes of Sir Peter Blake, Ralph Steadman, and Margaret Atwood producing new work for the exhibition is a clear illustration of the enthusiasm and support that exists for the cause. The project is reaching out to involve new audiences in conversations about conservation through their collective interest in contemporary art, music and poetry. We want to get people thinking about the diverse range of birds that have already been lost to extinction and introduce them to the work of BirdLife International.”

Rob Ryan - If Only
“To find so many creative people engaged with the subject of birds and the threat of extinction that faces so many of them today, is truly inspiring.” said honoured author Margaret Atwood, who is also contributing to the exhibition by knitting a Great Auk. ” This magnificent show will reconnect us to the natural world, teach us about our past, and fuel our interest in saving what we are losing daily. See the show, love the show, add to the show, and learn how to help.”

Dr. Marco Lambertini, Chief Executive of BirdLife International, said, “In modern times, species are going extinct at least a thousand times the natural background rate. Many more are so threatened that they are on the verge of disappearing and urgent action is needed. Ghosts of Gone Birds is a provocative new way to reach out and inspire a wide audience about today’s extinction crisis and mobilise action to rescue the species at risk today. There is still hope and the BirdLife Partnership has shown that, with the right resources and targeted action, species can be saved. Please join BirdLife and help us in the fight to stop any of the magnificent species threatened today from joining the Ghosts of Gone Birds.”

As well as being a great way to raise awareness, Ghosts of Gone Birds is also helping us find new Species Champions to fund the vital conservation action that can help us prevent extinctions today.” said Jim Lawrence – BirdLife’s Preventing Extinctions Programme Manager. “The London show provides a fantastic opportunity to sponsors who wish to get involved as well. We will be working closely there with RSPB, our UK Partner, to highlight the globally threatened species they are acting for. Publicity is starting to build and has already attracted the attention of a number of individuals and companies who have been inspired by this incredible new collection of art. Currently we are very excited about benefitting from the show in London but in future years we also hope to build on this momentum and see Ghosts taken to other major cities which will further support the BirdLife International Partnership’s extraordinary work preventing extinctions.”

Bruce Pearson - Great Auks
Read what the Guardian’s art correspondent Mark Brown says about Ghosts of Gone Birds here and see readers’ comments.

For more information and to see previews of some of the amazing Ghosts artwork that will be on display in London follow this link to the Ghosts of Gone Birds facebook page.

If you are on facebook and would like to register your support for Ghosts of Gone Birds go to the link above and like “become a part of the team” in the left hand navigation.

For more information on how to support the BirdLife projects that inspired the show contact

For more information about Ghosts of Gone Birds contact

Monday, 17 October 2011

Morrissey - I Like You


Hello the internet i have a new website
its going to be updated as i go along
so be sure to pop by and take a look
thanks to simon french of
for all his hard work on making the site for me
he is a god to me that boy
anyway bye for now

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Some apocryphal record covers from my rough trade show

hello out there
here are some photos
of some of the apocryphal
record covers i made for
my rough trade show i had in
a few weeks ago the are more to
be posted at some point soon
bye for now
kiss kiss

Thursday, 13 October 2011

New drawing of the colony room toilet

Here is a new drawing of the colony room
toilet how i see it in my minds eye
bye for now

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