Thursday, 17 April 2008

Last sunday i did enter olde soho at 9oclock gmtvtime (the mornining) and the whole place was dead i meet up with mr.nervous steven then we did walk the square mile of sin to find a place to eat.after eatting our over priced breafast in brewer street we walk to walkers court where we where to be flimed in the soho rvenue bar for the next nick cave video a littel number called "NO NEWS FROM NOWHERE'.So we sat and sat and sat with a cast of the a to z list persons from the world of arts music and words.the whole time sipping on fake drinks while pole dancers wisked by our heads.We got to meet mr cave and he did chat about beards and stuff and was very nice indeed.the highlight of the day came as one of the background artists shouted to mr. cave "cheer up nick" where mr.cave came back with "no why should i"
i cant wait to see the video a strange way to spend a sunday..
bye for now
best wishes
kiss kiss
robert xx

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