Friday, 20 June 2008

L.H.Browns shoe shop of curiosities R.I.P

I am an abandoned shoe shop of yesteryear. Until not long ago i was lying dormant and unloved, but now i have been given a new lease of life, by a rag tag band of individuals who go under the moniker of LE GUN. Enter me and you will discover all kinds of strange bits and pieces, things of wonder and visceral delight. Come on in boys and girls you will not regret your decision... Le Gun, the self-proclaimed "motley crew of artists, writers and designers" formed by a group of RCA Communications students a couple of years ago have gone one step further in their bid to bring their message of art and creativity to the world. The Shoe Shop of Curiosities is an abandoned retail space in the East End of London that’s been taken over by the artistic collective and turned into a new and curious exhibition space. Featuring found items that were discovered on the premises and “tampered with” to create an eccentric show that will evolve and grow as each new item is 'discovered', the Shoe Shop aims to bring together the work of the artists who contribute to Le Gun’s eponymous magazine, along with like-minded groups such as Timeline Project, Heretic and Strangeworks. Inspired by regular Le Gun contributor Sir Peter Blake, whose studio is the site of a bizarre collection of children’s toys and Victoriana, and the chaotic, ever-expanding art collection of Soho drinking institution, The Colony Room, the Shoe Shop Of Curiosities presents an East End ethnographic backdrop for the work of one of the area’s most eminent collectives (Le Gun are based in nearby London Fields). Its creators have described the interior of the museo-gallery as "somewhere between Tutankhamen’s tomb and George Melly's briefcase." Sounds intriguing? Get down to the East End this weekend and check it out for yourself. The Le Gun Shoe Shop Of Curiosities is at 61 Wilton Way, London, E8. Open weekends only from midday to 6pm and by appointment at all other times.
now closed.....................................

Twas a year ago that we did open the shoe shop of curiosities
it was a wonderfull time we had and some good things came out
of the shop we meet new people got drunk a lot got drunk some more
meet some new people had an opening party and a closeing down
so thanks to david for lending it to us
and thanks to all who came and saw
and thanks to L H BROWN
will post some more photos and videos
of the shop soon
best wishes
kiss kiss

vist myspace site to see more

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