Monday, 13 July 2009

Dean Street Shuffle video by Lisa Stansfield, Ian Devany, and Nick Mead

Hello the internet
this is london calling
here is a little short film by
Lisa Stansfield, Ian Devany, and Nick Mead
its a sort of trailer taster for there longer project
which is a flim about the colony room
which they had a screening of the film last firday
which i dint go to as i had a touch of agrophopia
but i hear its very good and look forwards to
seeing it at some point
the film the dean street shuffle is as the name says
is a shaffle up and down ye olde dean street
its as close as you get to being on a dean street shuffle
it has that manic drunk thing about it
so if you have a few minutes of your life to spare
why not sit back and pour a large gin and fill your pipe
and watch this film
watch this space for breaking news on the rubbishmens
don quixote project and other rubbish
well till the next time
bye for now
best wishes
kiss kiss
robert xx

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