Tuesday, 27 April 2010

LE GUN The Unknown Room' at Art Brussels

LE GUN are exhibiting a new installation called 'The Unknown Room' at Art Brussels with Galerie Suzanne Tarasieve.

In 2007 the artists of LE GUN were given a disused shoe shop on Wilton Way, Hackney to make their own. The shop was bequeathed along with all its contents by the late Masonic cobbler Mr LH Brown and transformed by LE GUN into a modern day curiosity shop, for a period of nine months. The artists displayed their own artwork along with a host of bizarre objects found in the shops basement. One of their most puzzling discoveries was that of a small briefcase found lodged in the back of an old closet. After many hours of examination it was concluded that the case was once owned by the late great trout tickling, dada loving, jazz pirate Mr.George Melly. The contents of the case were as follows :

one eye patch (black)

one packet of prophylactics (use by date 2/26/59)

one hand drawn map

one note book (filled with sketches and notes relating to the map)

one black and white photograph of a masked man in a room full of artefacts

(inscribed on the back 'Belgium 1959')

one plastic packet containing numerous coloured pills

one LP of Marvin Gayes greatest hits

Following this find artists from LE GUN set about trying to make sense of the objects in the briefcase. After months of research the results of their works can be seen in the form of a number of large scale black and white drawings based on the notebook, showing scenes of the city of Legundon, James Ensor’s Belgium, an outlandish Interzone and an ancient lost civilisation, all housed in a life sized recreation of the mysterious black and white photograph.

Neal Fox
Chris Bianchi
Bill Bragg
Stephanie von Reiswitz
Robert Rubbish

23 – 26 APRIL 2010 / 23 – 26 APRIL 2010

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