Tuesday, 7 September 2010

solo show in munich and le gun group show in munich september 9th till oct 1 st

i am off to german land
tomorrow to put on
an art show with the
le gun lot
i have spent the last
month crosshatching
like a mad monk
and will be showing
lots of new works
well bye for now
kiss kiss
robert xx
Fancy swimming in the beer gardens of
Munich in september? There's a bit of a LE GUN epic going on over
at Galerie Daniel Blau
a bunch of solo shows followed by a group show

september 9th- Steph von Reiswitz
september 10th- Chris Bianchi
september 11th- Robert Rubbish
September 12th- Bill Bragg

Group show for the rest of the month- Neal Fox, Steph von Reiswitz,
Chris Bianchi, Robert Rubbish, Bill Bragg

Galerie Daniel Blau
Odeonsplatz 12
80539 M√ľnchen
Tel +49 (0)89 29 73 42
fax +49 (0)89 24 20 48 60

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