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15 NOV 2010 – 25 NOV 2010

Ah, Bare Bones – they know how to make a magazine, and they certainly know how to throw a party. We went down to their latest effort at Red Gallery this Friday and immediately agreed that there should be more art shows like this; a sound-system rigged up to a rickety record player, a full-size tee-pee in the central room, illustration after illustration plastered over the scum-sticky walls, and a basement bar offering cheap beer which, as one of our slightly concerned companions pointed out, smelt not unlike a damp crotch. For some reason, the event’s entire clientele appeared to be particularly well-dressed, although the bouncer singled out one of AW’s number in particular for scrutiny. ‘How long’d it take you to get dressed?’ he asked, brow furrowed as though looking at a previously undiscovered species of animal. ‘You is like Lady Gaga, if Lady Gaga looked less like a man.’

Foppishness appeared to be the order of the day in Robert Rubbish’s solo room, however, as we noticed more than a few references to the late, great departed Sebastian Horsley, the self-proclaimed Dandy in the Underworld; Rubbish’s flesh-coloured skull with dildo-shaped horns drew the most attention, with guests overheard speculating on its usefulness as the subject of some gothic porn. ‘You could cover a whole skeleton in penises, probably.’ one slightly inebriated man added sagely, nodding and looking into some distant and, we imagine, terrifying future. ‘Even the fingers. Imagine that.’

Thank you kindly, sir, but we’d rather not.

Below: Images from Bare Bones, Issue 5. Bare Bones V runs at Red Gallery until November 25th.

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