Wednesday, 26 October 2011


News has reached me that some old chums
of mine from my days on the small rock of jersey
have put back on there masks and are playing out live
this saturday in downtown st.helier omg them catz
are crazy they also have a new member son of cervantes
god help us i knew his dad he was one mad mexican
if you want to hear some of there songs click here
good luck boyz good luck
.... ding ding, seconds out with The Channel Island's mightiest Mexican musos.. Five years ago, professional wresters Senor Destructo, El Tigre and Cervantes ditched their old wrestling lives in Mexico to follow their dreams of being Cabaret stars. Jersey in the channel islands where the scene has a legendary status was where they would set the stage to fulfill there dreams.That was it,the meatballs did nothing But what they do best (appart from cabaret) they wrestled!! untill they saved up enough victory money to get three one way tickets to land of cabaret...Unfortunately when they arrived to there dispear the Jersey scene had died as tourism had plummeted...So what now!?? well they set about there dream REGARDLESS and decided to give the jersey cabaret scene a Boston Crab!!! There sweet blend of electro pop/ cabaret/ rock meets las vagas grind has been considered the "New Music"...there album "Dont call us fagots were meatballs" is already 4 years old..they have been perfecting this sound ever

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