Friday, 18 January 2013


It is with great sadness in my heart that i write of the passing of Pam the queen of soho.She was a very sweet lady and refreshing to see most every time i would go to go to soho. Rest in peace pam i will miss you kiss kiss xox


jimladrrr said...

Very sad indeed. One of the good 'uns - always a pleasure to see her outside the coach and horses. I lent her 20 quid once and she gave it back to me, bless her. (She did ask to borrow it back again a couple of hours later!)
Do you know anything more?

- J

Ian King said...

A cousin of mine. I will be travelling up to London on 30th Jan for her funeral.

Garcia out of The Rubbishmen of Soho London said...

The first ever video broadcast by The Rubbishmen of Soho London, and the most costly at £3 was of Pam. Her relish at adapting her signature phrase to; "Hello the Rubbishmen have you got anyfink for us?" encapsulates that beautiful island in time for digital eternity. I always believed she was asking; "What have you got to humanity?" She leaves the streets of Soho a lot poorer if perhaps the Soho drinker a shilling richer. She gave us more than she ever took. God Bless another Great Soho Dame. Bring us another to take her cover. Garcia (In Seville) Rubbish drunked. Xx