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A young man from the us of a
has written a review of the LE GUN 123
book its very good his please
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This may be by a long shot, but this book I just read is a TRIP, yo!

I mean it! Le Gun 1,2,3 commemorates the first three editions, first published around 2004, of probably the most mentally excruciating yet cutting edge magazine I’ve ever seen: 202 pages worth of iconoclasm but sheer craziness considering you have the PDF like I do. I’d honestly be lyin’ to y’all by sayin’ that I could grasp every concept behind the bulk of the material, or “pictorial poems” as I saw noted somewhere.
Don’t believe me? What the hell would you think if you were to see some all red cover art with a three-legged man standing in front of a window? What about a black-and-white sketch of a woman takin’ a shit in front of her husband with a caption reading “LOVE IS?” That shit might freak you out, too!

Well, um…Le Gun 1,2,3 does come courtesy of London’s thought-provoking Royal Academy of Art alumni-turned-editorial brainchildren Robert Greene, Neal Fox, Chris Bianchi, and Bill Bragg along with graphic designers Matthew Appleton and Alex Wright. It was even better to read Andrzej Klimowski’s, the Royal Academy’s Professor of Illustration, front row seat narrative for how Le Gun all began leading up to the progress of the visually stunning collection (or abomination in some areas). At first glance, I couldn’t agree with their esteemed mentor more that Le Gun at first wasn’t organized worth a damn. It was quite “titillating” in way too many sections – either these guys have a healthy obsession with nude women throughout the entire text or areolas are nothing more than a novelty. DAMN! I asked myself a million times as I sift through the literature, “What’s with all of the damn risqué thinking?” It’s kinda creepy, don’t you think?

However, there is raw wit, irreverent humor, and social commentaries between the pages that I can appreciate. This shit will fuck you up in the head if you ain’t careful. Something was up when I saw the picture of the girl with her hand covering her mouth in the first few pages. Imagine a crucifix with an out-to-lunch sign tacked in the center. I was on the floor laughin’: knowin’ that in the back of my mind that the average American would act a damn fool over this! Think about it; doesn’t it make you wonder how many folks would question this or totally get pissed off? Oh well…I thought the Steven Seagal head on the bird body was kinda funny, too.

Anyway, Le Gun is so wild and avant garde, it’s brilliant…in concept I might add. I do like the variation of visual art – the black and white still photographs, collages meshed within the sketches, quotes in gargantuan block fonts, pseudo-comic strips with captions in; around; and underneath the images, distorted yet demented caricatures, and hallucinogenic-lookin’ stories. The storyboards and layouts at the end of each issue are a nice touch. Once we get to segue into the second and third volumes, we finally get some color scheming goin’ on with sleeker, well-defined imagery (and neater penmanship, of course). I actually prefer when Le Gun transitions into this children’s storybooks-looking format. Yes, Le Gun is everything Herbert Fischl says in the foreword: timeless fantasies built with ink-stained hands and common ground.

Le Gun is without reservation an uber psychedelic alt-world: in other cases, just a lot of shit goin’ on (probably too damn much for some of y’all). LOL!!

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