Thursday, 7 April 2011


Must Not Miss – Eye To Exit – an exhibition by LE GUN and Bare Bones.

Bare Bones and LE GUN have entirely covered the walls, floors and ceilings of the Red Gallery in ink, paint, pens, paper, possibly blood, snot and tears.

The opening night saw monstrous gangs of arty types, fans and press, blocking Rivington Street to get inside to see what the various artists had created.

I grabbed a second with Neal Fox, one of LE GUN’s original artists, about the show, Bare Bones, George Melly and the Die Die My Darling wall.

“It’s been good to do something back in London after a couple of years of doing shows abroad… there were a few drinks spilt and handbags thrown along the way but we got there in the end, by the skin of our teeth… George Melly’s son Tom came to the show and was smiling the whole night at the drawings of his dad and that was one of the best things about it all for me.”

Referring to the Unknown Room, one of the show’s main attractions, showing life-size drawings of the bizarre – based on the contents of George Melly’s Briefcase… containing plasters, pill, condoms and other paraphernalia.

Venture a little further (if you dare) and you hit the Bare Bones cinema (with some really interesting shorts, one of which was created by Alex Turvey) and the Die Die My Darling wall.

“Those drawings are some late night beer fueled pieces by Bare Bones artists, hard to remember who exactly, it was a pretty crazy night.”

So yes, get on down to the Red Gallery before the show ends, it’s really rather something and for you that like to make some shapes pop down to their ROUGH TRADE WAREHOUSE PARTY on April 8th with live DJ sets by Caribou / KUTMAH / CLOAKS DJ Sets Action Beat Live + Special Guest
Exhibition from 2nd April – 18 April 2011, Red Gallery, 1-3 Rivington Street, London, EC2

Alicja McCarthy

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Kimberly said...

I like when exhibitions go beyond the norm and experiment with new forms of showing things. There was one time I went to an exhibition of this kind. It was in Argentina. The buenos aires apartment I had rented was in the neighbourhood of Recoleta. There, there was a place called "Centro Cultural Recoleta" or "Recoleta Cultural Center" where an exhibition of objects for the kitchen was held. I had a great time and I relized people there are very creative. London, of course, it is the capital of creation.

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