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One more for the Road! a show at the reading rooms soho tonight

hello one and all
there a show on tonight
at the reading rooms firth street soho
it starts to night below is some text about it
also bill corbetts Colony Room photographs documenting the demise of the Soho drinking establishment.there will be a launch of his new book of these photographs ‘Behind the Green Door’ on thursday eve
so there we have it
bye for now
kiss kiss
robert xx

One more for the Road!
18th July – 12th August

The title of the show, the colloquial exhortation heard at the conclusion of many an evening spent within the environs of Soho, is an apt one; the four artists are all associated with and draw their influences from that social vortex located within the square mile or so bounded by Oxford Street ,Charring Cross Road, Regent Street and Shaftesbury Avenue. Their work reflects the attractions, fascinations (and revulsions ) of this infamous locale as well as the wider concerns of the artist and the city. A city replete with inspiration and dissolution in equal measure.

The exhibition is comprised of four different perspectives, employing photography, painting and sculpture and is mostly of previously unseen work. The show is curated by Carlo Zenone.

The Artists

Mark David Reeve

Mark is better known as an illustrator and cartoonist, a winner of the Gillray Cup from the Political Cartoon Society (2004), as well as designing characters for itv's Spitting Image and 'Headcases' (2008). In recent years he has returned to his earlier preoccupation with painting, inspired by diverse influences from John Singer Sargent, Beardsley, Richard Dadd, the Symbolists and early Freud. In an era where the increasing ubiquity of the digital image threatens to drown the viewer in a deluge of mediocrity, Reeve believes that the painted image and in particular, the painted portrait is now, more than ever, a viable and meaningful mode of expression. Its uiniqueness and value enhanced rather than diminished by the vast turnover of uploaded ephemera.

Sasi Langford

Sasi is a previously un-exhibited photographer, and as such, we are honoured to have her debut exhibition of prints as part of this show. A major influence in Sasi’s photographic work, is in presenting a contemporary social documentation of London life. Reflecting a unique ability to capture emotionally expressive moments in her subjects, be they in the haze of social revelry, or more intimate and private self reflection.

In many cases Sasi turns her camera upon herself using self portraiture as a means of continued photographic exploration. Inspired by artists such as Nan Goldin, Irvin Penn and the Iconic images of 1930’s and 40’s Hollywood film, the initial surface sheen of an image is often peeled away to expose a deeper more meaningful narrative about people’s lives, relationships and experiences. As part of this show Sasi will be exhibiting a series of these self-portraits and related prints.

Bill Corbett

Bill is an established portrait photographer who has worked extensively in the fashion & music industries. In August 2006 his portrait of Bella Freud appeared in Harper's Bazaar. In 2007 he released a book of smokers portraits before the smoking ban came into force called; Gerry-Go-Round.

Bill will be exhibiting a selection of his Album cover shots of the bands Alabama 3 and Zodiac Mind Warp, as well his Colony Room photographs documenting the demise of the Soho drinking establishment. The show will include the launching of his new book of these photographs ‘Behind the Green Door’, It is through Bill’s association with these establishments and his informal relationship with the clientel, that he has been able to develop his enigmatic and perceptive style of portrait photography.

Carlo Zenone

Carlo is a painter and art therapist who is concerned with the process and function of painting, as well as the end result of the finished piece. His work explores figurative, portraiture and architectural city scenes, but is most passionate about St Paul’s Cathedral and the views along the Thames. His work is often semi abstract rendered in a thick impasto style.

‘My art is more than an attempt to capture or document the world around me. I try to create an experience which is like taste or smell, something that lingers with the viewer, informing their experience, not only of my work, but of their lives. Paintings are not only of significance on a gallery wall, but should be carried around in the minds and imaginations of those who they touch. Like children, they have lives of their own beyond that which the artist intends, and that, to me, is where art comes alive’.

Open to the public: Monday to Friday – 9.00am – 6.00pm

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