Monday, 9 May 2011

Saw the oscillation play at rough trade last thursday

Last thursday i did
take a trip down to
rough trade to see
the oscillation play my old
chum chris wackrow is in the band
and have been meaning to see
them for an age they rocked i loved
them they are very psychedelic
and the visuals are wonderfull
as well they have a new record out
below is a write up about it
bye for now
kiss kiss

The Oscillation - Veils 2LP
Format: 2LP
Release Date: 12th April 2011

Finally, after some delays, comes the vinyl edition of "Veils". It comes in a 2 x LP format with a hand stamped insert that includes a digital download version of the album. There are a handful of limited edition posters which will go into the first orders placed. The LP will come with a special bonus disc featuring six previously unreleased ambient tracks whilst stocks last.

...It is almost three years since the release of The Oscillation's debut album 'Out Of Phase' for DC recordings. In those three years the band have played live all over the world to great acclaim and Demian Castellanos has clearly honed his musical vision. Whilst the debut album was dominated by stripped back grooves and motorik rhythms 'Veils' sees The Oscillation sound mature in numerous ways: song craft and introspection adding to the already rich sonic textures to create a powerful and varied new collections of songs. From the industrial pulse of 'Future Echo' to the haunted b-movie swagger of 'Fall', the disco dub fury of 'Telepathic Birdman' to the ecstatic melancholy of 'See Through You', the album features a remarkable spectrum of sonic experiences that range from beautifully crafted melodic songs to droning, no-wave chaos.

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