Wednesday, 4 May 2011

A trip to see david bowies old house in berlin

In the summer of 1976, Dave Bowie and his special friend mr Iggy Pop set out to make a new career in a new town.
dave Bowie moved seeking to escape the personal madness and the massive coke habit he had picked up in Los Angeles, he settled in the undistinguished area of Schöneberg which was noted mainly as the setting for Christopher Isherwood's Goodbye to Berlin.Dave moved to Hauptstrasse 155.While in berlin dave made three lps and produced two of mr pops they hang out drank coffee drank beer eat out went clubing took drives out of the city,
So while in berlin i made the trip over to his old flat the street his house is on reminded me of a suburb of burssels theres not much to see so after i took a few photo me and my kate went to the cafe that mr.pop and bowie used to use for morning coffees and night time beers we had a drink it was nice and chilled, it is a gay cafe/bar berlins oldest one i think. there was only one other person in the bar having a beer we paid up and left and headed into town to see some more of berlin.
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