Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Photos from berlin us all in the paris bar berlin

So while we where in berlin
we did vist the paris bar
and have a meal and some drinks
it was lots of fun it is a great
place to see lots of cool artwork
we also hung out with michel wurthle
the owner who was lots of fun and
keept the drinks flowing below is a
little bit of history about the paris bar
bye for now

Michel Würthle, graphic artist, collector and owner of the Paris Bar, located at 152 Kantstrasse in Berlin.
Opened in 1950, the mythical Paris Bar is taken over in 1977 by Michel Würthle, an art lover who
brings this place to life with passion. A headquarters for the intellectuals, this bistro is a place of
freedom where the world is set to rights during entire nights : artists such as his great friends
Martin Kippenberger and Dieter Roth, A.R. Penck, Benjamin Katz, Albert Oehlen, Jonathan Meese,
Jannis Kounellis, Jörg Immendorff and Christoph Steinmeyer, who recently redid Martin
Kippenberger's famous painting of the Paris Bar ; celebrities like Dustin Hoffmann, Iggy Pop and
David Bowie; merchants like Rudolph Springer and Michael Werner; comedians, musicians and

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