Saturday, 22 January 2011

Went to High society at the wellcome collection

I went to a good show
at the wellcome collection
yesterday its has lots of good
art works and drug related
objects it has a dreamachine
some 60s tripy light show some
spiders webs done while under the
influnce of mind bending drugs
also there is a video of a man taking
a bike ride on acid and nice film
of poppies swaying in the wind
and keith coventry crack city bits and
bobs its well worth a trip to and its free
bye for now
best wishes

With the illicit drug trade estimated by the UN at $320 billion (£200bn) a year and new drugs constantly appearing on the streets and the internet, it can seem as if we are in the grip of an unprecedented level of addiction. Yet the use of psychoactive drugs is nothing new, and indeed our most familiar ones - alcohol, coffee, tobacco - have all been illegal in the past.

From ancient Egyptian poppy tinctures to Victorian cocaine eye drops, Native American peyote rites to the salons of the French Romantics, mind-altering drugs have a rich history. 'High Society' will explore the paths by which these drugs were first discovered - from apothecaries' workshops to state-of-the-art laboratories - and how they came to be simultaneously fetishised and demonised in today's culture.

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